Archer Recorded CCS Workshops - Intensive Prep

Includes THIRTEEN of our recent high yield CCS Workshop which were recorded during the live webinar. A large number of cases will be covered in these 13 CCS Workshops - total clip length is 125 hours and you have access for 2 months from the date of purchase. This is beneficial for people who desire a very thorough CCS practice prior to the exam and also, for those who believe that they are very weak in the CCS component. This option is also recommended for those with multiple attempts and for those aiming high scores. By subscribing to these eight CCS Workshops-PPV, you will gain access to number of high yield CCS cases.We also have a limited PPV option for $88 which gives you two weeks access and includes two recent recorded CCS Workshops - this is recommended for those with exam in very near future and wants to have a quick grasp of high yield CCS concepts and cases.

Archer Recorded CCS Workshops - Intensive Prep
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